Getting Started

  • An individual who is at least 18 (eighteen) years or older (may vary depending on the laws of every country) can join DLC. However, DLC reserves the right not to accept an application or reject/return an application after acceptance.
    Application Procedures
    1. After personally executing the Distributor Application Form (DAF), a prospect becomes an Independent Distributor of the Company. The Distributor will be given a computer number which the Distributor will use worldwide. The Distributor can now sponsor anybody into their organization and may buy products at Distributor’s price and this organization will remain the same in every country where DLC does business.
    2. The new distributor shall not be compelled to purchase products and any sponsor who encourages inventory loading is committing a very serious offense and should be reported.
    3. A married couple can only register under one (1) distributorship.
    4. It is illegal, by law, in most countries to sign for other people and the application form will be considered invalid and the distributorship of the culprit/perpetrator subject to termination.
    Things New Distributors Should Know
  • We encourage the new distributor to start using products to see how good they are and if he/she does not like them, to return them and refund the money back from the Company. We do not want people to join this company just because of the compensation program. Proper MLM is selling and wholesaling good products to customers and distributors that distributors are proud of. We are not in the business of selling marketing plans.
    All Distributors Must Learn Product Knowledge
  • This is not an option. As an MLM Distributor, you must and should know what you are selling.