DLC Natural Bio-Enzyme

DLC Natural Bio-Enzyme

Product Code: 16005-01575-00748

PV: 29.92

PFDA: FR-91926

Package: 15g/sachet, 10 sachets/box

Contains: 120 different kinds of natural fermented powder of fruits and vegetables

Effective for health
• Contains 120 enzymes of various kinds of fruits and vegetables
• Completely fermented good bacteria flora for 540 days
• Used extreme low temperature vacuum freeze dry crystal method (-20C) to preserve the life of the enzyme, thus still keeping the full nutritional value of each ingredient.

Effective in Nutritional Value
• Aside from providing protein, sugar, fats and the 3 basic decomposed enzymes- the Research & Development team has developed the super micro element from an enzyme substance, which can supply all the nutritional needs of a single cell

Effective for Staying Young
• Contains abundant SOD-like enzymes, micro particles for easy absorption, plus fermented Vitamin B-complex, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E from fruits and vegetables, to help you stay young and energetic.

Effective in Metabolism
• Enzymes, water soluble dietary fiber, lactobacillus sporogenesis together promotes good bacterial flora which aids in easy digestion, making bowel movement smoother as it promotes healthy metabolism.

Effective and Safe
• On top of all the natural ingredients used in this product, one is assured that neither synthetic nor laxative drugs are added, thereby will not cause dependence.

Suggested Intake: Take 1 sachet after meal. Mix each sachet with 200-300 cc of cold water