Product Returns & Exchange

Product Return And Exchange

Our Assurance: To protect the interests of consumers and to minimize the investment risks of DLC distributors, DLC promulgates and implements a well-designed product return and exchange system.

If there is any defect in a DLC product; a consumer or distributor is entitled to return the defective product. DLC will replace the defective product with a new product of the same kind.

When a distributor desires to terminate his/her distributorship, for whatever reason,the remaining products or stocks in hand that are saleable can be returned to the Company for a refund in pursuant to relevant provisions of the Consumer Protection Law as well

Rules Of Product Return

For any defective product sold by a distributor, a customer is entitled to return the product and get a full refund from the distributor within thirty (30) days subsequent to the date of purchase. The distributor shall solely be responsible for this process of product return and refund. The Company will allow the distributor to exchange this defective product with a new same product.

At the time the customer applies for a refund, the customer shall return to the distributor the defective product and the delivery receipt or sales invoice. The delivery receipt or sales invoice must have the address and telephone number of the customer and the date of transaction clearly recorded on the invoice.

The distributor may return to the Company the defective product regardless whether the product was partially consumed or not re-saleable to other customers. The Company will provide a new same product to the distributor. Product fully consumed will not be accepted for a return. Distributors should also refuse a customer such a return, as this is an unreasonable request.

Customers can also return an unopened product within thirty (30) days subsequent to the date of ordering of the product for a full refund. As soon as the distributor receives such request, he/she shall process accordingly.

In the event that a distributor refuse to accept the return of product and to refund the product price, the customer may directly contact the Company and forward the product delivery receipts to the Company within 30 days after the distributor refused to accept the product return. The Company will terminate a distributor who refuses to accept such product return from a customer.

Product Return By 6% Distributor Who Bought A Starter Kit

All distributors who are serious with the business may start with a Starter Kit. They should treat the products in the Starter Kit as samples and use these products. We are not in the business of selling marketing plan and if a distributor does not like the products, he/she should return them and quit the business. If any distributor, who bought a Starter Kit, is not satisfied with the quality of products and decides to terminate his/her distributorship, he/she is entitled to return the Starter Kit to the Company for a full refund within 60 days. All bonuses paid will be deducted accordingly. We encourage distributors to start with the Starter Kit but we will also give our special DLC 60 day full money back guarantee on it.

The sponsor of the new distributor can also choose to accept the returned Starter Kit from the distributor and is entitled to replace the returned partially-consumed products with new ones from the Company or replace the Starter Kit with a new one.

Products Return By A Resigning Distributor

A distributor is entitled to resign his/her distributorship by delivering to the Company a written notice within fourteen (14) days subsequent to the execution of the agreement. Any distributor withdrawing from the marketing system of the Company must wait for a one (1) year period to be qualified to apply for reparticipation into the Company, if all conditions for re-sponsoring are conformed.

The distributor, who resigns from the Company, shall within thirty (30) days apply for product return pursuant to relevant rules promulgated by the Company.

The following products cannot be returned:

  1. Products that have been opened
  2. Products that have been consumed
  3. Products that cannot be resold
  4. Product that DLC no longer carries
  5. Products that has new packaging
  6. Products that are within 6 months from expiry date
  7. Other non-DLC brand products

The Company will buy back the products purchased within the last 180 days in the amount equal to 90% of the original product prices paid by the distributor.

The Company shall give a refund to the resigning distributor when the Company receives and confirms the accuracy of the documents as mentioned above.

The application for product return shall be submitted and processed by the distributor in person to the designated area distribution center that originally supplied the products.

After completion of the above procedures, the Company will then delete from the company record the name or level of the distributor concerned. All downline distributors originally sponsored by him/her will

Bonus Reclaim

The Company will deduct all bonus(es) paid, calculated upon a specific percentage of wholesale product prices (tax excluded), directly from the amount of the return products.

The Company will also reclaim the bonuses of upline distributors in the same line with the resigning distributor. The retrace will include the bonuses received by the distributors up to all applicable levels directly above the resigning distributor. If the product return causes any changes to other bonuses or benefits, including, but not limited to, leadership bonus, profit-sharing bonus and other incentives, the Company will reclaim the over-paid bonuses and benefits and will deduct the amount from the affected distributor(s) on the following month.

In case the product returns affects the level or other privileges or incentives earned by a distributor, the level and benefits will also be canceled.

Any amendments of the details and procedures, with respect to product returns, will be published from time to time.

The “Buy Back” Rule In Cases Of Game Playing

Purpose for the "Product Buy-Back" rule.

When a distributor plays games, he/she normally orders products by the cases. He/she also returns the products by the cases when he/she wants to terminate his/ her distributorship when things do not work out or just wants his/her money back. Normally, this distributor does not have a solid organization.

Experience have taught us that distributors who overload products are normally encouraged to do so by their upline(s) because the upline(s) want to qualify for some benefit(s). In all cases, even if the upline(s) did not encourage this activity, they know about it. It is the responsibility of all distributors who have downlines to do MLM properly, to work within the laws of local government and to guide their downlines. We do not want people to play games in this Company. Please get the message or the Upline(s) will be held accountable.

The "Product Buy Back Rules" (Product Return) is designed for the following reasons:

Each sponsor is obliged to ensure sponsored downline distributor purchases and orders products prudently. We do not want inventory loading or game playing.

All distributors shall order products in a quantity based on his/her actual need. As recommended, distributors are encouraged to purchase additional products only after 70% of the initial inventory has been sold or otherwise disposed. This is our 30/70% rule.

In the event that the downline distributor insists to purchase products in quantities exceeding normal volumes, the sponsor shall try his/her best efforts to persuade the distributor to cease the activities. Failing this, the sponsor must inform DLC, and all upline managers and distributors in this line, in writing within thirty (30) days of such activities. This will release him/her of all responsibilities. All uplines in turn must take similar action to release them of responsibility.

Failing to do the above, every sponsor must offer to buy back from any of his/her distributor who wishes to discontinue their business any unused and currently marketable products. Plea of ignorance is no defense and will not be entertained.

The responsibility to buy-back the products passes up the line of sponsorship from distributor to distributor up to all managers in this line. If the sponsor fails or refuses to buy-back the products, this responsibility goes up to his sponsor until someone in the line assumes responsibility. In the event no one assumes this responsibility, DLC will buy them back according to the Buy-Back Policy.

Uplines who are members of the Profit Sharing Bonus or President Award will lose their Profit Sharing bonus for one qualified year and all, or a portion, of their PAP at the discretion of the Executive Committee. There is no reason why a Profit Sharing Manager or a President’s Awardee, who encourage game playing or are not aware of game playing by members of their organization, to remain a Profit Sharing Manager or a President’s Awardee or go unpunished. Uplines who are not yet members of the Profit Sharing Bonus or President’s Award cannot qualify for these awards in the future. We hope all distributors know and can feel that DLC does not really want distributors who play games to remain in the Company.

The whole organization of the departing distributor will go to the distributor who assumes the responsibility for buying back the saleable inventory from the departing distributor.

This "BUY BACK" rule will strictly be enforced.